Do we really need all of this positivity in our lives?

Do Positive Quotes Really Make Me Feel Better? 5 Ways to Make Sure They Do

TL;DR: Positive quotes really can make you feel better if you don’t just scroll by and forget about them! By sharing them, creating a collection of your favorites, displaying them, creating affirmations, and seeking them out when you need them the most, you can make sure that you’re able to reap the benefits of positive quotes.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and almost stuck in this crazy time, you’re not alone. Whether you’re stuck at home with your parents when you should be in school with friends or living in your dorm living through the best days of your life, or you find yourself working from home every single day without anyone to interact with, it’s tough. The pandemic has left a lot of people struggling. But if you’ve found comfort in positive quotes and inspiration then you’ve found a helpful way to be more optimistic during this crazy time.

You might find this hard to believe, but not everyone is inspired by inspirational quotes. Those of us who do are of a group of people who respond strongly to them, while others may not feel them as deeply as we do. Jonathan Fader, PhD, a psychologist and motivation expert, stated in Fast Magazine that “well-structured messages that use strong imagery and appeal to our aspirational nature can be meaningful and powerful in changing our thinking and helping us see something in ourselves that we want to change or overcome.”

Share positive quotes with others

One of the best ways to use positive quotes to make yourself feel better is to spread that positivity. Sharing positive quotes with others, either individually or on social media, has a fantastic ability to spread that positivity like a snowball.

If you’re one of those people constantly sharing positive quotes on your Instagram stories, you’re not just expressing the inspirational quotes that move you. You’re also allowing others to connect with them as well, even if you don’t know that you are. Even if people aren’t reaching out to you about the quotes you share, just know that you’re helping others get through a rough time, and sometimes the right quote at the right time is just what they needed to turn their day around.

Create a collection of your favorite inspirational quotes

Do you save your favorite positive quotes? While there must be millions of positive quotes out there, there will always be special ones that resonate with you. It’s not always easy to find the right one for you in the moment, so make sure that you save these so you have a collection going that you can access easily.

There are a few ways to build up your collection of inspirational quotes. If you’re generally finding them on Instagram, like on our @betr profile, you can click the save icon to save it to a collection directly on Instagram. Some people prefer to screenshot their favorite quotes and keep them in a folder on their phones. You can even start a Pinterest board specifically for the positive quotes that you find the most relatable and inspirational.

Keep these for future reference.

Turn positive quotes into positive affirmations

Have you started the habit of using positive affirmations? It’s something that’s gaining more popularity recently and we love the idea! If you have some favorite positive quotes, you can use these and turn them into positive affirmations to repeat daily.

Not sure how to use positive affirmations? You simply repeat them to yourself or write them out daily. And yes, there is some science behind the benefits of positive affirmations! An article on Positive Psychology states that “they have been linked positively to academic achievement” and “self-affirmations have been shown to decrease health-deteriorating stress.” So grab a handful of your favorite quotes, turn them into positive affirmations you can use daily, and see how you feel after a couple of weeks.

Display positive quotes where you’ll see them

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One of the best ways to make sure that positive quotes make you feel better is to put them where you can see them. Sometimes glancing at that quote during your daily life can be a positive reminder and motivate you throughout your day. Some people do this with something as simple as a post-it note on their mirror or fridge, while others get framed quotes to use as part of their decor.

Seek out inspirational quotes when you need them

Feeling a little discouraged or out of whack? Make yourself feel better by seeking out inspirational quotes when you need them the most. You can search for “positive quotes” or have a few go-to places ready like our Instagram account (@betr) where we post positive quotes to motivate and inspire you daily. Knowing where to go when you need a little inspiration is one of the keys to allowing these types of quotes to help you feel better.

It’s easy to just binge on positive quotes and then go on with your day and while that’s perfectly fine, there are some other ways to actually make sure they make you feel better and have a positive impact on your life. Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas on how to do just that.

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Let’s dream of a more positive world together!